Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

RS 2007 Gold
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4M RS 2007 Gold$2.17$1.96
5M RS 2007 Gold$2.67$2.40
5.5M RS 2007 Gold$2.91$2.62
6M RS 2007 Gold$3.14$2.83
6.5M RS 2007 Gold$3.39$3.05
7M RS 2007 Gold$3.64$3.28
7.5M RS 2007 Gold$3.89$3.50
8M RS 2007 Gold$4.14$3.73
8.5M RS 2007 Gold$4.39$3.95
9M RS 2007 Gold$4.63$4.17
9.5M RS 2007 Gold$4.88$4.39
10M  RS 2007 Gold$5.12$4.61
15M  RS 2007 Gold$7.66$6.89
20M  RS 2007 Gold$10.19$9.17
25M RS 2007 Gold$12.70$11.43
30M RS 2007 Gold$15.20$13.68
2M RS 2007 Gold$1.13$1.01
3M RS 2007 Gold$1.66$1.49
35M RS 2007 Gold$17.68$15.91
40M RS 2007 Gold$20.15$18.13
45M RS 2007 Gold$22.60$20.34
50M RS 2007 Gold$25.05$22.54
55M RS 2007 Gold$27.47$24.73
60M RS 2007 Gold$29.89$26.90
65M RS 2007 Gold$32.29$29.06
70M RS 2007 Gold$34.67$31.21
75M RS 2007 Gold$37.05$33.34
80M RS 2007 Gold$39.40$35.46
85M RS 2007 Gold $41.75$37.57
90M  RS 2007 Gold$44.08$39.67
95M RS 2007 Gold $46.39$41.75
100M RS 2007 Gold$48.69$43.83
100K RS 07 gold$0.06$0.05

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